Telegram bots are automated assistants in the given messenger. Bots of various topics and directions for groups, channels or just accounts are collected here.

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  • «Hot Or Bot» telegram bot

    Like others and let others like you.
    Transitions to the bot: 14 ( 129)
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  • «Stickers Bot» telegram bot

    Create Telegram Stickers and get usage stats for your stickers with this bot.
    Transitions to the bot: 9 ( 101)
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  • «RateStickerBot» telegram bot

    This bot allows you to rate random stickers and discover new sticker sets.
    Transitions to the bot: 8 ( 99)
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  • «GitHub» telegram bot

    Get notifications about events in your public GitHub repositories and post comments directly from Telegram.
    Transitions to the bot: 9 ( 90)
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  • «Controller Bot» telegram bot

    Awesome bot for channel owners that helps you to create rich posts, view stats and more.
    Transitions to the bot: 7 ( 80)
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  • «PollBot» telegram bot

    Add this bot to groups to create simple polls.
    Transitions to the bot: 8 ( 71)
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  • «ImageBot» telegram bot

    This simple bot can fetch images and GIFs upon request.
    Transitions to the bot: 5 ( 71)
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  • «Telegraph» telegram bot

    This bot can help you log in on, manage your articles, and get page view statistics.
    Transitions to the bot: 6 ( 69)
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  • «BotFather» telegram bot

    BotFather is the one bot to rule them all. Use it to create new bot accounts and manage your existing bots.
    Transitions to the bot: 3 ( 60)
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  • «TriviaBot» telegram bot

    This bot allows you to test your trivia knowledge. Add it to groups if you'd like to compete with friends.
    Transitions to the bot: 1 ( 48)
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  • «» telegram bot

    Transitions to the bot: 10 ( 22)
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  • Resending at least 4 hours later
  • Attach one picture to draw attention to your bot
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